songs from my new mattress

by dinoDNA

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released August 28, 2015



all rights reserved


Rare Nnudes




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Track Name: songs from my new mattress
-i need proof-

tattoo the next thing you say to me
get it on your face for everyone to see
get it covered up by something i drew then get it removed and then
tattoo the next thing i say to you

write me a book so i know its real
doesnt even have to be about how you feel
get it published then burn it then snort the ashes off of my chest and then
write me a book about my ex

rob a fuckin bank for me
use this gun i bought at the dollar tree
make a little kid cry then leave the money by the door then ask yourself
what did i rob this bank for

wreck your car so i know its real
hit about 80 and then turn the wheel
dont have on any music i dont want you singing when you do this
get in a wreck so you know whats real
i need proof
-i feel like layla-

i dont like my name
but that dont mean that my granddad wont beat up your granddad
if you have something to say
tell it to my brother my brother will tell my sister
and she'll tell me in the worst way
she'll leave a couple words out and tell my parents everything
and my mom and dad think that im gay
cause i can not keep a woman always cryin about something but
radar thinks that im ok

i feel like layla right now
dying of a broken heart
and kash is a little shit
and i was too young to know what jedi thought about me but
radar thinks that im ok
-i went to highschool with this gurl-

i dont like spiders
and i dont like rain
i dont like the summer
and i hate my name
books are for losers
and i dont like losers
and i dont like winners either

i dont like the way god looks at me
i dont like to stay awake
and i dont like to sleep
i dont like that im ok with my friends
being assholes

i dont like mangos
and i dont like bad skin
and i hate seeing the same shows
and i hate my mattress
rules are for fuckboys
and i dont like fuckboys
and i dont like nice people either
i dont like the beer i drink
or the cigarettes i smoke
or the way that i sing

i dont like the way god looks at me
i dont like to stay awake
and i dont like to sleep
i dont like how im ok with my friends
wanting to fuck each other
i dont like im so self conscious
i hate how i put everything in one pocket
i dont like alot of things but i guess youre alright
-i smell like shit-

i smell like shit
is that a beer i spilt or is that my piss?
how have you been?
i wish you hadnt seen me like this
did tanner let you in?
what time is it?
i got work at ten
how are you and him?
would you like to lay down on my filthy mattress?

hey everybody theres a party on my mattress
come on everybody we got bitches doin backflips
everybody stand clear as i do my last trick
i can make you all die and make you mad rich

ok, you aint gotta lay down
just stand right there and dont make a sound
so where you workin now? (aight)
does your boyfriend still slap you around?
this whiskey aint doin shit
8 in the morning and i normally start at noonish
walked in jaw dropped on some cartoon shit
what the fuck you starring at?
youve never seen a dude piss
himself? his health
aint what hes worried about
hes just drunk driving its not like hes burning down his house
so the least that you could tell him
is how the hell have you been
-i'll be half man-

will you wake me up in the morning?
so i can follow you to the forest
and make all the birds cry
lick the dirt off your thighs
when i watch you cum, i feel the sun
and im not the only one
you make the country come alive
it doesnt come as a surprise

will you bury me up to my neck?
kiss me until i take my last breath
just let me fucking die
let those stupid bugs inside
come back a hundred years later and find me
i'll be half man and half apple tree
and radar gets a bite
cause i know hes still alive
-i dont wanna sleep-

i dont wanna be the one to drive us home tonight
i cant see straight and ive puked like 80 hundred thousand times
i dont wanna be the one to drive us home tonight
hello officer i forgot how to count like 1,2,1,2,3,5
i dont wanna be the one to drive us home tonight
i think i just ran over a fucking cat
i dont wanna be the one to drive us home tonight
hello colt45 who are you oh yea my bad i forgot youre my bestfriend
and youre my girlfriend
and youre my dad
and youre my granddad
and im pretty sure youre radar too
go bestfriend
thats my bestfriend
praise the lord
like you hated him
im not that sure
i'll say it again
i said im not that sure
bitch pay attention
when im crazy bored
i watch invader zim
then i go to the liquor store
and drink a fifth
then i'll make that pussy sore
bitch take this dick
drive thru memphis
like it aint shit because
i dont wanna sleep alone on my mattress tonight
my job sucks and i just want a blowjob
i dont wanna sleep alone on my mattress tonight
hello daniel where the fuck you think youre goin youre drunk and youre dumb and i dont like you
but youre fat and youre ugly
but you have a really stupid name
(im secretly in love with you)
(but dont tell anybody)
i dont wanna sleep at all
i'll jerk off all night
i smell like shit and i can not tell if that is puke or piss
i dont wanna sleep
i wanna lick the dirt right off your thighs
i dont want you to think of anybody else but me every single time that you cum
i dont wanna sleep
i wanna watch the same movie all night
ive got all these books and not a single on is about my ex
i think about my brother and my sister everytime that i want to die
instead i just..